Before we dive into rates and details,
it is important to know that this new creation will follow a progressive evolution
To be more precise, the new server will be organized in chapters.
Structuring the gameplay experience like this allows us to release features
that would have not made sense earlier on, they will also serve
as catching up mechanic, for newcomers. Experience Gracia Final like never before!
*not all items
*not all items
Chapter I, contains all the base rates & features that the server starts with (duration 21 days)

  • Maximum level is set at 81 for main , 80 for subclasses
  • Maximum attribute allowed in weapons is set to 25
  • Maximum attribute allowed in armors is set to 12
  • Weight limit is x1.5
  • Client Limit: 2 for non-premium, 3 for Standard Premium, 4 for Friendship Premium, 5 for Loner Premium users
  • 1st Class Transfer: Available for purchase with either Adena or iCoin
  • 2nd Class Transfer: Available for purchase with either Adena or iCoin
  • 3rd Class Transfer: Quest or iCoin (the 3rd class transfer will become available for purchase with iCoin as soon as someone has entered the Hall of Fame for completing the 3rd class transfer quest for the class in question).
    • 3rd Class Transfer quest drop rate: x3
  • Subclass quest choose Baium or Platinum tribe
  • Tiat & Ekimus locked until Hellbound Stage 7.
  • Fort & Castle Epaulette drop rate: x1
  • Heroes biweekly, 2-week cycle , Oly 3v3 disabled, class-only on weekends
  • Hellbound will start at zero. Players will have the ability to increase the stage of Hellbound by killing monsters in the region. Each monster killed will contribute points towards the current stage of Hellbound, stronger monsters will provide more points than weaker monsters. In contrast to retail, no additional stage conditions are necessary, i.e. no quests or raids. Hellbound's ability to delevel or lose points has also been disabled. To open Hellbound a party must kill Baylor in the Crystal Caverns.
  • Autolearn skills disabled. Players may learn skills via the Skills window (ALT+K)
  • Autoloot enabled and can be toggled on or off
  • XP freeze enabled and can be toggled on or off
  • Tiat & Ekimus drops will be boosted retail x2
  • Manor: x0.6 (40% reduction) - Sweeper Festival enabled!
  • Mail system enabled
  • Global shout (!) restricted until level 20
  • World Chat (=) restricted until level 40

  • Mana Crystal
  • Replaces the old mana potions, has some limitations being mainly used to simplify farming. Has Infinite reuses, restores 800MP for mages and 400 MP for fighters, over 15 seconds. Has a 15 seconds reuse delay and can be toggled to auto-activate by CTRL + Click (on the shortcut menu). Cannot be used in pvp/pvp areas/sieges/olympiad, which means you will need to manage mana more efficiently. This item is given to all players at level 10. Also the mana crystal can be upgraded twice, increasing mana recovered to 1000 then 1200 for mages and 500 then 600 for fighters.

  • Buffer
  • Not one but two buffers will be present in this new world. The first one will be present in all major towns and starting areas, he offers rudimentary buffs/songs and dances. The price of his buffing service depends on player level. The second buffer, Katarina, will be available to clan hall owners, she offers more complex buff options. She can also be summoned outside towns (for a short period) to buff players by using an item she provides. This summoning has a long cooldown, a downside that can be eliminated if playing in groups and taking turns summoning her. Buff duration 60 minutes for both buffers.

  • Gatekeeper
  • Retail Gatekeeper but with added functionality, several new ports added including catacombs and necropoli.

  • GM Shop
    Knut - Arcsmith Of Mammon . Will be providing gear of grades C & B as well as various consumables and numerous quest items.
    He also has some unique features to improve your experience overall:
  • [ Reforge ] Exchanges 3 identical common A grade items + that item's recipe + some materials for the full item.
  • [ Forgotten scrolls ] Sells lvl 81 & 82 forgotten scrolls.
  • [ Recipe Revisal ] Transforms A & S grade 60 % recipes into 100%.
  • [ Transmogrify ] Upgrades Deluxe keys up to lvl 8, upgrades life stones(same grade) up to lvl 76, and updates enchant scrolls up to A grade.
  • [ Dismantle ] - { chapter II function } Destroys A grade gear and converts it to materials depending on the item's value.
  • He also can convert Seal Stones to Ancient Adena ( but keeps 10% ), and summon the Mammons in town for a hefty fee.

  • Events
    You played them, you loved them, these are the INERA events, created using our own engine: PIE, on Unique Maps. No one else has them, so don't miss them:
  • Beserker
  • Bomberman
  • Save the king
  • Capture the flag
  • Team vs Team
  • Last man standing
  • The Mime
  • Zombie
  • Simon Says
  • Man Hunt

  • Seven Signs
  • Participating in the Seven Signs is optional, you will still be able to convert seal stones and hunt in Catacombs/Necropoli. However, the effects of the winning Seal will still affect the world and yourself.

  • Support classes ( PP/EE/SE/SWS/BD/WC/OL )
    On mid rates, support classes lag behind others. They are still of most use in sieges / pvp and can even hold their ground in olympiads, but piloting such a class outside those scenarios seems unrewarding. We are coming with some environmental changes as well as one skill addition that hopefully improves the gameplay of these classes. Mind you, none of these changes impact olympiad gameplay.
  • Environmental changes
    • Gatekeeper is completely free for all support classes
    • Buffer is completely free for all support classes
    • Buffer also gives life cubic to supports regardless of their level.
    • Pet trader has a new list of items dedicated to supports. These items are clones of the top pet gear but at a fraction of the price, can only be purchased by Main class supports. Items cannot be purchased on subclasses, cannot be traded/dropped.
  • Skill changes
    • Prophet can learn Turn Undead at level 56.
    • Blessing of divinity (new passive for all supports) can be learned at level 40. Adena/drop rate increased by 15%, additionally you acquire 15 % more Exp if a pet is joining you in battle. Death has no grasp on you, no Exp is lost on death and death penalty cannot occur. Divine transformations have reduced cooldown:
    • Lvl 1 240 Minutes----> 20 Minutes
    • Lvl 2 120 Minutes----> 10 Minutes
    • Lvl 1 240 Minutes----> 20 Minutes
    • Lvl 3 60 Minutes----> 5 Minutess

  • Quality of life changes / additional features
  • Buffs will now return after a while after being cancelled.
  • Spoiler : Sweeper Festival enabled.
  • Blue monsters have no drop/spoil penalty if the Sleepy Giant potion was consumed. New item available at main shop.
  • Warpgate in Heine will have 1 additional Hellbound entrance port , as to avoid spawn camping.
  • Blacksmith Lahm will now spawn in Parnassus , he can also convert Clear,Blue and Red crystals between them ,so its simpler to access the instances.
  • Logging out in the town of Giran now activates a vitality 100% boost (in specific areas). Setting shop also activates this boost, so you can sell your items on your main character and not having to worry about loosing any vitality regeneration.
  • Ring of Core will now give 4 accuracy instead of 1. [ ~Guidance effect ]
  • Earring of Orfen now gives 12% HP Gain instead of 6% . [~Prayer effect ]
  • Baylor's Earring now additionally gives 1.2% M.Def . [ ~ 1/10 of Beleth's Ring ]
  • Daily quests and lifetime achievements system is enabled.
  • Top A grade weapons will now drop with a small chance from the Raids they are named after.(Barakiel's axe will drop guessed it! Barakiel)
Chapter Progression!
Chapter Progression!
  • Max level is increased to 83
  • Maximum attribute allowed in weapons is increased to 75
  • Maximum attribute allowed in armors is increased to 30
  • Monster difficulty increased by around 10%
  • New character creation comes with additional perks.
  • New port option from Goddard to Lower Forge Of Gods is available.
  • New port option from Goddard to Four Sepulchers is available.
  • Wedding manager Andromeda will be available, she spawns in multiple wedding worthy locations.
  • New daily quests available:
    • Daily: Defeat Tears, Kechi or Darnel
    • Daily: Defeat 666 monsters on the Isle of Hellbound Reward:
    • Daily: Defeat 1000 monsters on the Isle of Prayer Reward:
    • Defeat the Yehan brothers in the Seed Of Infinity Reward:
  • "xxxx"
    Hardcore & Casual
    Our world was designed to meet your style.
    • Max level is increased to 85
    • Max level on subclass increased to 85
    • Maximum attribute allowed in weapons is increased to 150
    • Maximum attribute allowed in armors is increased to 60
    • Monster difficulty increased further by around 10%
    • New character creation comes with additional perks.
    • Entering Hellbound will now be broadcasted to the world
    • Ant Queen, Core, Orfen increased to level 80
    • The following Raids: Tears, Kechi, Darnel, Baylor, Tully, Darion, Ranku, Demon Prince and Epidos will have their drops upgraded to S80
    • NPC Katarina now also gives summoner buffs:
    • NPC Deltuva has discovered a new way infiltrate players into the steel citadel: Ports to Base Tower & Advance Pedestal available. Some functions may not be available if HB has not reached a specific level
    • Cursed weapons are enabled.
    "Our features were designed by players"
    We've taken our community's suggestions to develop this new world.
    This is your World
    Carefully structured by players worldwide.
    • Maximum attribute allowed in weapons is increased to 300
    • Maximum attribute allowed in armors is increased to 120
    • Monster difficulty increased even further by around 10%
    • New character creation comes with additional perks
    • NPC Katarina now also gives Counter Critical
    • NPC Deltuva can now also infiltrate players in Anomic Foundry. Some functions may not be available if HB has not reached a specific level
    "Precision is an important element"
    Our philosophy is to listen to the community and deliver quality.
    Sieges & Olympiad
    The various dates and schedules for important events
    Olympiad Heroes
    The Olympiad cycle registration will begin on April 1st, 2024. Olympiad will have 2 cycles on the 1st and 15th of every month (14th & Last day of month is the last day), so there will be 2 hero cycles per month.
    Sieges & Wars
    The first sieges will start on Sunday April 7th, 2024. The second siege will begin on Sunday April 21, 2024 and the first Territory war will begin on Saturday April 20, 2024. From this point forward the Territory Wars and Sieges will occur every Saturday and Sunday every 2 weeks.
    "Mark these dates on your calendars"
    If you miss these dates, your clan will certainly be unhappy with you!
    Raids & Instances
    Here's a breakdown of what to expect.
    Raiding & Instances
    • Epic PvP Zones, randomly before spawn starts!
    • Normal Raids: 12h +2h.
    • Subclass raids, respawn 10 + 2 hours
    • Noblesse Barakiel 10 hours + 2 hours random, PvP zone.
    • Anakim & Lilith are static 24 hours respawn.
    • Queen Ant: 24 hours (+ 2 hours)
    • Core: 40 hours (+ 2 hours)
    • Orfen: 32 hours (+ 2 hours)
    • Antharas
      • Respawn: 8 Days.
      • Randomly spawns at 19:00 ~ 21:00
      • Boosted to level 83.
    • Valakas
      • Respawn: 10 Days.
      • Randomly spawns at 19:00 ~ 21:00
    • Baium
      • Respawn: 5 Days.
      • Randomly spawns at 21:00 ~ 23:00
      • Boosted to level 83.
    • Frintezza
      • Respawn: 2 Days.
      • Randomly spawns at 21:00 ~ 23:00
    • Instanced Zaken
      • Zaken (Day): Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6:30.
      • Zaken (Day): 9 players, LvL 55-65, 1hr max.
      • Zaken (Night): Wednesday at 6:30
      • Zaken (Night): 18-45 players, LvL 55-65, 6hr max.
    • Tiat: Saturday at 6:30, 18-36 players, 2 hrs max.
      • Boosted to level 85.
    • Ekimus: 24h at 6:30, 18-27 players, 1hr max.
    • Tully’s Workshop (Darion & Tully): 24h +-1h.
    • Tower of Naia (Beleth): 5 days, 18 min. & 36 max.
    "Raidbosses have slight modifications"
    Just enough to give the game a nostalgic feel, but in 2024.