March 4th, 2024 by Sindelia

-Town Gatekeepers will use a modern interface for Teleport list, Giran teleport will have a brighter color.
-From now on Warpgate will offer two Teleport options for entering Hellbound.
-Implemented Knut along with his Seven Signs Functions, players will be able to summon Blacksmith/Merchant of Mammon with a fee and also convert their Seal stones at any time with 10-percent commission.
-Crystal Caverns Lahm that spawns into Emerald Square will now Appear every night at Parnassus allowing players to exchange their Seed of Evils with Dynasty Recipes/keys and their Clear/Blue/Red crystal with another Color.
-Addition of a second spawn for Oracle Guide Crystal Caverns Caverns entrance instance NPC at Parnassus.
-Normal Teleports will be free for Supports.
-Fix for Baium skill reuse time causing him to show idle.

-Implemented Mana Crystal, Restores 800 MP for Mages and 400 MP for Fighters over 15 seconds. Will be rewarded to all players above Level 10 and can be upgraded to II, II at Knut)
-Implemented Mana Crystal II, Restores 1000 MP for Mages and 500 MP for Fighters over 15 seconds.
-Implemented Mana Crystal III, Restores 1200 MP for Mages and 600 MP for Fighters over 15 seconds.
-White and black seeds of evil 1+1 Reward for every party member after Killing Kechi, Tears, Darnel at Crystal Caverns instance.

-Cancelled NPC Buffs from Cancellation, Steal divinity etc will return back after 15 seconds.

NPC buffers
-Adventurer’s Guide will offer Basic Quick buffs for every player, list can be found on forum.
-Clan Assistant Katarina located into every Clan Hall will give Advanced Quick buffs & the Choice to Choose selected Specific buffs such G.might or G.shield and more, list can be found on forum.
-Players will be able to spawn Katarina via Katarina’s Summoning Crystal(Requires 15 Summoning Crystals) outside Peace zones, excludes Olympiad, Arenas, Siege, while in Combat, can be used by any player owning a Clan Hall.

-Added Remastered logo at starting screen.
-Adjustments for Remastered.