March 14th, 2024 by Sindelia

-Buffs will no longer removed upon entering specific instances.
-Fully implemented Blessing of Divinity (As per features for Supports Only)
-Prophet will be able to learn Turn Undead at Level 56.
-Cancelled buffs will be returned in 15 seconds (Excludes Self buffs and Special ones such Flame Icon etc)

-Top A grade Weapons will drop from the Raids they are named after (Barakiel’s axe will drop from Barakiel etc), players are able to check chance by ALT + Shift -> Special tab.
-Addition of Purchase pet items (For Supports Only).
-Enabled Catacombs & Necropolis teleport options for Dawn & Dusk at every state of Seven Signs.
-New Teleport location for Heine -> Garden of Eva to avoid swimming & Parnassus.
-New Teleport location for Aden -> ToI 4 & Toi 8.
-New Teleport location for Gludin -> Giran.
-New Teleport location for Hunter’s Village -> Giran.

-Mana Crystals will work on Fortresses.
-Implemented Refined Ring of Core, +4 Accuracy bonus.
-Implemented Refined Earring of Orfen, +12% HP gain
-Implemented Refined Baylor’s Earring, +2% M.Def bonus
-Implemented Common – Pet items, cannot be traded but price reduced (For Supports Only)