March 18th, 2024 by Sindelia

Quests (Pre-Launch)
-Adjusted ‘Gather the Flames’ drop rate to x2
-Adjusted ‘Relics of the empire’ drop rate to x2
-Adjusted Stakato Followers will also drop Quest items for ‘The Zero Hour’ quest.
-Adjusted ‘War With Varka Silenos’ & ‘War with Ketra Orcs’ drop rate to x4
-Adjusted ‘Giants Exploration Part II’ Drop Count to x1
-Adjusted ‘Whisper Of Dreams Part 1’ A Grade Robe parts reward to 14.
-Adjusted ‘Legacy of Insolence’ it will reward all three recipes (Gloves, Boots, Helmet) with 100% chance.

-Knut will upgrade Ring of Core, Earring of Orfen and Baylor’s Earring into Refined -> Transmogrify.
-Fix for Knut Sell option not working.
-Fix for Basic & Advanced buffs, free for supports.
-Fix for ToI 8 teleport location.

-Addition of ‘Recipe Box’ contains all recipes for materials and will be rewarded to all Artisans+ on Class change.
-Adjusted Premium Crate & Vote Reward Chest.
-Removed World chat token from all boxes & players inventory/warehouses.
-Fix for Common Pet items unable to drag into pet inventory.

-Fix for Events not rewarding Daily Participation while event has no winners.