March 30th, 2024 by Sindelia

-Automatic CP potion will pause inside Clan Halls.
-Fixed Bot Report button, ALT + C -> Bot Report.
-Fix for Mana Crystal not working into Dion area Fortresses.
-Addition of Fast Mixing for Supplier of Reagents Quest.

-Changed the cost for Summon Blacksmith/Merchant to 10kk Ancient Adena & 50kk Adena, On screen message will be sent to all players online, mammon will appear only for 5 minutes.
-Addition of Clan Level 4 & Clan Level 5 Quest items into Specialty Items.

NEW Raid bosses(75+) rewards: Reputation box, Enchant box, Clan Egg box. Only for General area 75+ bosses.

-Fix for FoG waters, players will automatically teleported outside in case they fall.
-Fix for Fortresses Cannot see target on few guards.