April 5th, 2024 by Sindelia

Chapter II

-Addition of ‘Dismantle’ on Knut, transforms A Grade gear into Daily Coins(Mats). Only A Grade items you own will be shown in the list. To be eligible for conversion an item must be Unsealed, Varnished (for foundation), have no SA applied (weapon’s SA can be removed by the black marketeer of mammon), have no PVP effect applied and lastly the item cannot be common, shadow or clan item (Apella).
-Addition of ‘Find the Mammons’ on Knut, with a small fee of Adena & AA will send you the location of Mammons.
-Addition of ‘Totem of Valor’, ‘Totem of Wisdom’, ‘Feather of Valor’ and ‘Feather of Wisdom’ on Knut traded with Adena Mane/Molar.

-Adjusted Karma & PK clean prices.
-Addition of ‘Elemental Protection’ & ‘Arcane Protection’ for all classes.

-Every Character created since 1st April will receive Newbie Box containing (Rune of EXP/SP 7 days, Rune of SP 7 days, Revita-Pop, 2 Potion of Energy Maintenance & 48h Expiration Random Costume).
-Enabled Weddings.
-New port option from Goddard to Lower Forge Of Gods is available.
-New port option from Goddard to Four Sepulchers is available.
-New port option from Aden to ToI 11 is available.
-Changed the duration of Cancel Return from 15 to 30 seconds.
-Max level is increased to 83
-Maximum attribute allowed in weapons is increased to 75
-Maximum attribute allowed in armors is increased to 30
-Fix for Cancel return message showing during Olympiad games.
-Decreased Penalty for Leaving/kicked from a Clan from 24h to 6h.
-Decreased Resolve Ally Penalty from 24h to 12h.

-Monster difficulty increased by around 10% (P.Atk/M.Atk)
-Adjusted Monsters debuff skill cast chance.

-Enabled ‘Weekend Wonders’. The Weekend Wonders event is in full swing! Elemental stones & Raid drops are increased by 25% additionally Seal Stone drops are increased by 15%! (FRIDAY,SATURDAY,SUNDAY)

-Queen Ant’s Zone Level Limit will also apply on Pets. 48+ pets will be unsummoned and cannot summoned back.
-Queen Ant, Orfen, Core: Changed Epic Jewel chance from 30% to 50%.
-Added announce for Epic bosses PvP Zones Antharas, Baium, Frintezza, Valakas, Core, Orfen, Barakiel & Queen Ant.